In Just 5 Steps: How to Get a 7 in IB English

Ever heard that getting a 7 in IB English was impossible? Ever wondered what magic formula those who did get it followed? You’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for the top 5 tips to getting a 7 in IB English (curated by 7-level English students themselves!). 1. Develop a strong foundation. Having a […]

IB English Paper 2 Completely Explained

This guide will explain IB English Paper 2 and what you need to ace the exam come May or November, when the IB Gods throw you this (seemingly) insurmountable task. If you don’t know all about Paper 1 already, do check out LitLearn’s amazing guide for IB English Paper 1. Paper 1 is all about on-the-spot thinking and adrenaline-pumping analysis. What about […]

Reading Criteria: Paper 1 Criterion A

A comprehensive and intimate understanding of criteria is imperative to success — especially in IB English. Why? The examiner uses this exact checklist to give and take marks. Rather than suffer from low scores (yelling: out, damned mark! out, I say!), you can save yourself heartbreak by learning the demand of each criterion and markband. […]

The last mile: how to prepare for your IB exams

People often ask me how was I able to achieve a 42 IB diploma score, and having answered that question many times now, I can say it’s sometimes difficult to convince people that I haven’t done anything special or extra than what most students did through their IB journey. With May 2017 examinations being just […]

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